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Live Audio Clips


An assortment of audio clips recorded live.

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Third Shift


Third Shift. 40 Lb. Head's 3rd release.

The Weekender Review, January 2003
"third shift is fun, easy to listen to, and is probably the most diverse work to date from the head"

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Hills and Valleys


Hills and Valleys the second release.

The Times Leader, Alan K. Stout Interviews
Steve:"We called this CD 'Hills and Valleys' because it has a local feel - whichis what we're after. We're in the same boat with all of these people, and we're just like everyone else - trying to enjoy our lives and live every day the best we can. There's a lot of tunes on the CD that have that vibe on it."

4 files, last one added on Aug 29, 2006

Savior Self


Savior Self, the debut 40 Lb. Head album

Citizens Voice, Jerry Kishbaugh Review
"The saga of 40 Lb. Head began what will be two years to the day on Friday, June 12 1996 when the Plymouth-based rock unit played it's first official gig. At the time, the quartet was basically a cover band, but as they progressed musically and spiritually, the group ventured into original-material land. This ultimately led to the creation and subsequent release of 'Savior Self', a nice collection of tunes that can best be classified as alternapoprock."

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Efforts156 viewsFirst Track, Savior Self1 comments
Fuse486 viewsSixth Track, Hills and Valleys
Thank You157 viewsFifth Track, Hills and Valleys
The Empire154 viewsFifth Track, Third Shift1 comments

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Hills and Valleys Cover Art132 viewsAug 29, 2006
Savior Self Caover Art114 viewsAug 29, 2006
Third Shift Cover Art97 viewsAug 29, 2006
Alan K. Stout Interview, 4/18/04634 viewsA live interview with Alan K. Stout from 4/18/04 on The Mountains "Music on the Menu".Dec 24, 2005